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  1. Hey! So I got a firm offer for a RN job on a PCU at my local VA. They said I would be a Nurse 1, Level 3, step 8? Ive never heard of the 3rd part, what does it mean? How many steps until the next level? (sounds like a video game haha)
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    Surely in your 3+ years of asking questions about the VA on here you have seen this, but I will humor your question. Steps are the incremental increases in pay that you receive based on your time and experience with the VA. Nurse 1 is the pay band that you are on, step 8 is the actual annual salary that you are paid. Nurse 1, 2, and 3 have their own steps. Beyond the starting point they offered, you won't promote any further up the RN ladder from steps. You actually have to meet promotion criteria based on what you offer the VA in the performance of your job. You will however get periodic step increases based on time with the VA. Go to this website and look up your location's pay table to get a better idea of what this means---> Title 38 Pay Schedules - Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM)
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    The only catch is not all of them were answered