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Hi, I'm a newly licensed LPN and am thinking about applying to the VA. The recruiter I've been in contact with has encouraged me to apply for a "student nurse technician" position since they... Read More

  1. by   jamangel
    It's most frustrating if you've worked in the private sector. The VA is a different animal entirely from the rest of healthcare facilities. In some ways they are ahead of the private sector esp where technology is concerned but nurse retention is not as good as the private sector. That says alot considering that the private sector is shaky as well.
  2. by   navynurse06
    I worked for the VA (in Johnson City, Tn) as a SNT while I was in nursing school. It was the best experience. The nurses let me do everything but give meds. So therefore, I was ahead in my nursing skills when I graduated. So many people on my floor can tell that I had prior experience to graduating. Also, they paid for my BLS renewal and my ACLS.
    I loved working for the VA system ( like it a lot better than the private sector). And I plan on working there after I retire from the Navy.
    I started out at $10 something/hr then had a pay raise after 1 yr to $11 something/hr. I made my own schedule; came and went as I pleased. I just could work over 8hrs a day or more than 40hrs a wk. I didn't get a shift differential. But being able to make my own schedule was worth it. They even offered me a job there I graduated but I joined the Navy.
  3. by   jamangel
    please understand, I am not VA bashing. I work there now and I like it just fine. There are things that the private sector have the VA beat on and vice-versa. Every VISN is different therefore every VA is different. I live in an area where there is more than 1 VA and even they are ran differently. I'm just very use to the private sector way of appreciating their nurses.
  4. by   Crucible
    Quote from hammer91b
    I was just hired as a SNT (I'm in a RN program) at my local have to had to have successfully complete Clinical I (or about to). We start at $13.58 an hour with $3.00 diff. on Saturdays.

    Congrats on the good "work hard play hard" ethics, keep pressing. Don't make for too many late Friday nights at Sandys though those 3 dollar Saturday diffs I am afraid wouldn't be worth it...