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  1. I am doing a presentation on Nursing Organization Of Veteran Affairs, I am looking for a recent leglislative policy that they are backing, I have looked on the NOVA website but I am such a novice (student) I am finding it hard to sift through it and what is current right. Any ideas, I would love to give a great presentation with a good policy that the nurses are supporting.
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    Hello dalegirl:
    Gee, the VA had published, over the summer, their "Journey of Excellence: Celebrating 75 Years of VA Nursing" their 2006 annual report. Of course you know that the main goal is Safe, Effective, Efficient, and Compassionate Care to our Nation's Veterans.
    The National Nursing Strategic Plan from 2003-2007 lists several health care priorities or goals [there are six of them]:
    1. Leadership Development: Operationalize the High Performance Development Model for all levels of nursing personnel
    2. Technology and System Design: Develop and enhance systems and technology to support nursings role in health care delivery models
    3. Care Coordination and Patient Self Management: Strengthen nursing practice for the provision of high-quality, reliable, accessible, timely, and efficient care in all settings
    4. Workforce Development: Retain and recruit a qualified nursing workforce
    5. Collaboration: Identify, develop, and communicate partnerships between nursing and external organizations
    6. Evidence-Based Practice: Create a culture of evidence-based practice
    Now, after I typed all this I realized that you are looking into legislative policy...From the VA point of view?
    Check out this website, you might find some information that you could use:
    Office of Nursing Services (ONS) could be of help to you:
    Spirit of VA Nursing: "If it is to be, it is up to me"
    Good Luck with your Project. That stuff up above may not be of help to you, but check it out anyway. If I can be of some other assistance don't hesitate to give a shout out! (smile)