VA nurse Vetpro timeline??

  1. Hi all! I recently was given a tentative offer for a job at the Veterans Hospital (super excited about it!!!). I went in for my physical and fingerprinting and submitted all my paper work. I have heard a lot about Vetpro being the longest process and contacted my Vetpro liaison who said my Vetpro was all cleared and processed. Im now wondering if anyone knows how much longer of a wait I can expect until I start my job if my Vetpro was cleared? Any experience with this or input is so appreciated, I'm getting so anxious with all this waiting!!
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  3. by   OUxPhys
    Did they make a final offer with what they will pay you? I was told you can't schedule orientation until they do that.
  4. by   monicalopezc95
    not yet :/ I got a phone call about scheduling my shift and that I would be getting new grad pay because I just graduated from nursing school in May but nothing official numbers wise . I emailed my HR contact and she said they don't have a definite date but will tell me as soon as they do. Whenever I call I get "no news is good news" speech--definitely getting frustrated but want to work at the VA!
  5. by   OUxPhys
    Welcome to the government! Hurry up and wait. But the saying "no news is good news" is so true. One thing you have to understand (and sadly accept) is that the government is slow at everything. Keep your head up, it will be worth it in the long run! I am currently going through the hiring process myself, waiting on VetPro and the nursing board to make a final offer so I get what your going through.