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  1. I hope I can get this question out w/some semblance of making sense.

    Do any of you VA nurses know how per diem employees work regarding benefits? I know most places go one of two ways. Either you are per diem---zero benefits/vac/sick/leave----or you are per diem and then partially benefitted based on how many hours you work.

    I've been offered a PD position w/the VA and it looks like I would be generally working 2 12's a week though still classified a per diem rather than a point whatever because they don't have any positions allocated right now.

    I don't really care about health/retirement benes, already covered there, I am just wondering about any possible paid leave benefit. Anyone know?

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    Really? No other reserve nurses working at a VA? Hmm...sorta thought they might be the employer of choice as they hopefully wouldn't give you too hard of a time with "scheduling."

    I have tried just asking HR but it has been impossible to get a live person. Maybe the holidays--maybe they're just smart

    Ask your friends! Thanks!!