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  1. Hi!
    Anyone know how to find out if there are any RN vacancies at the VA facility in Hawaii? The VA website always indicates that there are no openings--I've looked for many months, and of course I guess this is possible, but I still find it hard to believe. I looked at the usajobs website, and there positions for medical staff, other than nurses.

    Any guidance would truly be appreciated. Thx!
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  3. by   midnitelpn
    are you a current va employee? could'nt you contact that vamc's human resources directly....? some positions are never posted to the public, some postings are only open to that vamc's staff only, etc. i have only applied for my current position that i have had for 11yrs @ my vamc, but could you go to your local vamc's h.r. dept. for assist? i don't know if there is a "generic" application that you could send to that vamc, but i imagine your local vamc's h.r. staff would be able to help. could you be hired for any of the current postings w/the training you already have? you know,,get your foot in the door, so to speak, look at the other postings ksa's (knowledge,skills,abilities) and see if you are eligible......don't find it too hard to believe that there are not positions available.....i know that my vamc does not have too difficulty of a time retaining nurses and i dont work anywhere as nice as hawaii! is good, retirement is good, annual lv/sick lv & education benifits are great...and you get to care for the most important pts....THE AMERICAN VETERAN!!! good luck to you!
  4. by   Juneria1
    Thanks for the tip!! Did just that and with background was met with very positive regard. Of course, there is quite a LONG list of nurses waiting to get jobs at their facility--no surprise--however, I believe whatever is meant to be, will be!!
    Again, thank you for taking the time to answer my post and offer some valuable pointers! I also appreciate your patriotism--I'm a vet!
  5. by   navynurse06
    [font=sylfaen]well with being a veteran you should get priority over other non-veterans that apply. at least that's what i recall from when i worked at the va; it seemed like they gave preference to applicants who were veterans. plus your time in service counts toward step/grades. also, you can transfer your tsp over from your time in too.
    [font=sylfaen]anyone can correct me if i'm wrong on the above, but that's what i recall from when i worked at the va as a tech.
    [font=sylfaen]i love working there and if i would have stayed in the civilian world that's where i would still be working.
    [font=sylfaen]good luck to you!
  6. by   chocokitten
    Be sure to let us know how this goes, I'm also interested in transfering, eventually, to a VA in CA or Hawaii. I currently live in MI and we hate the winter. lol