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I am a new nurse who just graduated in august with my BSN and got my license just seven days ago and need advice like no other. I currently work for the department of veterans' affairs doing medical... Read More

  1. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from Itshamrtym
    I have a question... What do you mean sign away your retirement... What if you are 42, couldn't you just retire at 62? I know they make you sign a waiver.. Not sure how this works. Thanks!!!
    Unless it has changed recently basically the maximum age for military service is 62 (64 for general officers), so if you won't be able to get 20 years of active duty time in by the you are 62 then you have to sign waiver/memorandum stating that "I know I am ineligible for retirement etc".

    So if you were 42 at the time of entry then you would be able to retire at 62.

    Hope that clarifies it a little...
  2. by   Itshamrtym
    Thank you for the repy. I appreciate it. Take care
  3. by   NursePamela
    There is a nice article in the Air Force Times right now about what to do with the medical side of the house. Unfortunately is does not state anything definate. It seems the only constant thing is change.