Switching specialties in the Air Force

  1. I'm a current nursing student who has been interested in joining USAF for years. I've been kicking myself over not joining years ago when I completed my first bachelor's degree.

    In about 8 months, I will have my BSN. Since there is a huge number of nurses applying to the Nurse Corps, would it be possible to commission in as a health care administrator and then switch over as a nurse officer after your initial service is complete? I heard that switching jobs is difficult; is that true?

    My current plan is to put 1000% effort into applying to the nurse corps and if that doesn't work out, I would attempt to apply as an administrative officer. I am 26 years old with no prior service and I am anxious to get started on accruing time towards my 20 years.
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  3. by   zoe92
    Hi! My fiancee is in the Air Force & my biggest recommendation is to meet with a recruiter! Before he went to see one, he looked up different stuff online but the recruiter was very informative and set him straight. I would call multiple Air Force recruiters around you and meet with them to get their opinions and advice. I only say multiple ones because some recruiters aren't that great :/ good luck.
  4. by   Enthused RN
    Thanks for your response! For health care, there is only one or two recruiters who can help you in one state. Sometimes a health care recruiter covers multiple states.

    I did speak to a couple recruiters (non-health care) and they told me that there are no open officer position in the reserves unless I'm prior enlisted. I think one said they are still taking chaplains, pilots, and one other specialty (I forget). So my thoughts of trying to go in as an administrative officer are impossible with the current economy and draw down (just too applicants). I'm currently looking into the Army though.