Single mom in the millitary?

  1. I have a few questions, I know that a single mom can join the Nurse Corp reserves, but can a single mom join the Nurse Corps active duty?
    I have three kids ages 11, 7 and 4.
    If I was deployed as a reserve nurse what options if any would I have of taking my kids with me, if it's not in a combat zone of course.
    Thanks for any information.
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  3. by   daddyman
    As a 20-year military vet (and several years as a First Sergeant) I can tell you this is a concern. If the need is critical ... yes, the military will allow single moms in the AD nurse corps. These days, a reserve or gaurd position doesn't exempt you from remote or combat tours ... you need to work with your first sergeant! He are mandated by regulations to have a writen plan outlining exactally who will take care of your three little ones if you get ordered to serve far away. Personally, (and I can say this because I have been s single dad w/ 3 kids for 8 years) ... it is HARD ENOUGH BEING A SINGLE PARENT AND WORKING ... but I couldn't imagine trying to raise my kids in Spain or germany or some other country even if the military told I could take them with me. Think about constantly changing shifts, manditory 12-hour shifts often, and exercises and deployments ... and trying to give them some stability??? That's why I got out! Stay home where there's plenty of jobs with varying hours and find a job that works with their schedule so you can be a nurse and a mom! (ha ha .... see, that's my advice giving First Sergeant coming out ... do with it what you will!) Good luck,
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  4. by   traumaRUs
    I totallly second the above opinion. I am not a single Mom but rather was a military wife and way back when, both dh and I were active duty with a baby. Ugh - would never, ever choose this life.

    It won't matter if your child is ill, it won't matter if they have an activity at school, it won't matter that you've been up all night with a child, you are the government's lock, stock and barrel. Unless you have an extraordinary support system that is willing to help with everything at the drop of a hat, I would opt out of this.
  5. by   mamma3munchkins
    My husband and I are both active duty which in the Navy's eyes is pretty single. In the navy we can not take our kids with us on deployment. They make you sign a family care plan that designates where your children will go when you deploy. The command where I am at it doesn't look like I will deploy while I am here but that is because there are so many people trying to go for advancement purposes. I'm not trying to go. My husband on the other hand is a mental health nurse and they are pulling them left and right to go the Cuba, Kuwait, and Iraq. Critical Care, ICU, and ER nurses are the same way. There isn't enough of them to deploy and staff the hospital. It was actually why I picked my area of Women's Health because we are the pretty much last to go before anyone jumps on the bandwagon I have done my fair share 3 years USS Carl Vinson, VQ1, and 18 months Diego Garcia more than any nurse corps officer I know most of them have bare chest with few ribbons.

  6. by   janaas
    Thanks so much for all the advice, this is exactly what I needed some information from the inside people or experienced people. The recruiter can only tell me so much.
    Thanks again.