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Does anyone know if Servicemembers Civil Relief Act would cover me from having to pay back a moving bonus that was given to me by my employer? I will likely be leaving my current job for the AD prior... Read More

  1. by   The Little Greek
    Quote from Miss Mab
    Great news for the AD folks and Little Greek. Just curious, does the whole medical clearance---->background--->actual commission get fast tracked like that as well?

    It has been my personal experience that things move pretty quickly, but I guess that depends on the recruiter. I started my application process less than one month ago and as of today I have completed all of my paperwork (minus one reference) and MEPS and will complete my interview the first week of December. I was told that there are still slots left for the Mar COT so I'm hoping that's still the case in a few weeks. My only concern is that all the Dec grads will be graduating and taking NCLEX around that time so Mar my not be do-able. The only class after that is in the end of the month no less. So I concur with wtbcrna, perhaps more COT dates need to be added!

    Gen, yes, we certainly might be running into one another. Hope that San Antonio is treating you well so far. It's a great town! Get to Austin for a visit when you can. It's one of my favorite towns ever. Oh, and if anyone ever offers you (or tries to bribe you) to make a trip to Houston, respectfully's TERRIBLE.