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Hi again, My recruiter and the Nurse corps really did try hard to get me the waiver for Candidacy as an MSN student, all the way to the top. Thankfully my recruiter has told me that the Army... Read More

  1. by   JaxiaKiley
    *fingers crossed*
  2. by   Gennaver
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    *fingers crossed*
    Thank you!

    I am thinking that if this eventually doesn't work out then I am going to try to Office of commissioned corps of the PHS, (that way I could still serve and travel!).

    I am clueless on how long this second application will take but, have serious doubts about the bonus going through since my loans were not for BSN but, MSN and again...the vocabulary isn't there to account for it.

    Most likely it will need a third re-package with changing the bonus to merely a sign on with no loan repayment, (I should've done it that way to make it easier but, if they wouldnt' give me the monthly stipend for a paltry 7-8 months then I figured I would need more loan repayment-what I am living on...)
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  4. by   traumaRUs
    PHS - Public Health Service
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    Ahh, thanks. Is that like the Peace Corps or something?
  6. by   Gennaver
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    Ahh, thanks. Is that like the Peace Corps or something?

    Thank you to TraumaRUs,

    The commissioned corps of the PHS is different from the Peace Corps JaxiaKiley.

    They are a branch which...wait, it might be easier just to past the link to their mission page;.

    If I do get into the Army then my plans for post active duty would most likely involved the CCPHS.

    Still waiting for word. Thank you very much for your well wishes.