1. I'm looking into scholarships from the Navy. It turns out now I WON'T be graduating in 2009 since I'm transfering from my former college to a small community college in my town... and of course there would be loans to pay back but I'd rather have the Naval scholarships and have more time in the Navy to pay back with. I was wondering who I would talk to around here since my former college is near the university I onced planned on getting my BSN and the university has an NROTC program. I would have talked to the lieutenant there for help but since I'm not going back, I need to find someone else. Do I talk to a recruiter to find out which scholarship is the best for me? Would the Nursing Option scholarship work for me, even though I'm not in an NROTC program?
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  3. by   Rme4life
    i can share my limited experience with what the military has to offer.

    you can apply for a scholarship that pays you a set amount every month while you go to school and you agree to X amount of time in service. while you are in school you have nothing to do with the military. all you do is go to school and get money. this option is usually a great option for the older student who does not have rotc for an option.

    rotc. they pay for your school and you take extra classes and they even pay a small amount to you every month. you don't have to commit until you start your junior year of college. although i have heard this is changing (for the army anyway).

    go to school and then join the service after you pass the nclex. they usually offer you some sort of signing bonus, plus paying back student loans. can be one or both and each services offers different things like choice of duty assignment or guaranteed schooling.

    it can all depend on if the school has rotc. at my school they have rotc for the air force but you have to travel an hour away and do it at a larger university. but you can still go to my university and get the scholarship. they offer army rotc right there.

    you can talk to someone in rotc or you can contact the navy recruiter that deals with nursing. i would talk with both if you are not sure what you want to do or if you just want to keep your options open. good luck.