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  1. Hello Team. I just got cleared for October ODS and then on to San Diego for my first duty station. I know there are a ton of helpful people on this forum and I would appreciate any info I can get. I am new to the military (credentialed as ICU 1960) and I'll be new to San Diego as well. I have a wife and three kids so this will be a big change for me and my family. Your words of wisdom are welcome and appreciated.
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  3. by   DiscGolfNurse
    Hello and congrats! I too am in the process of applying for DA into the Navy. I was curious, was SD your first choice in duty station?
  4. by   charliegboma
    Hi DiscGolfNurse.
    These were my choices: Japan, San Diego, and Jacksonville. I was initially told all three were unavailable. So I was asked to choose from Portsmouth, Walter Reed, Fort Belvoir, or Camp Lejeune.
    When I spoke with the detailer a week later, I was told an ICU spot had opened up in San Diego and that's how I got it.
    Good luck.
  5. by   DiscGolfNurse
    Thanks so much for the info! San Diego is my first choice so we will see whats available.
  6. by   nurseinthezoo
    I was a hospitalcorpsman and went through A school in San Diego in December, 1978. At that time the school was ten weeks long with only two days on the hospital ward at the end. Never worked in a hospital again as my next stop was Camp Pendleton, FMSS, then off to the FMF. Good luck, you will love the climate.
  7. by   DiscGolfNurse
    Thank you! I'm currently living in SD so staying here would be optimal.