Question about leave after BOLC before first duty station.

  1. New here- I am trying to coordinate the time between BOLC and my first duty station- which is probably going to be Korea- thinking about logistics. For those who have completed BOLC, how much time to they give you to pack and ship things before arriving at your first duty station? Do you have to use accrued leave or go into a leave deficit during this time?- say if you need a week to pack, meet shippers and ship your car? I can't really find anything cut and dry on the net about this.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I think I took something like 11 days. This is the only time you can go in the hole, I believe. Toward the end of BOLC one of your assignments will be to complete your DA Form 31, the leave form. You will get assistance in doing this and examples of completed DA 31s. This is known as PCS leave, since you're doing BOLC in the status of TDY en route to your first duty station. The end date of your leave will be the report date that is on your orders, even if you report early. My DA 31 said June 14, I actually reported on June 9. Do you have orders yet?