One Year in the Army Nurse Corps, DNA x 3, and Tinfoil Lining in my Patrol Cap - page 3

In March I hit my one-year-in mark. Hooray! How are things going, you ask? Overall, not bad. I still work a lot of hours, and it's still probably too much (in others' opinions). The difference is... Read More

  1. by   Pixie.RN
    Happy to say I passed my PT test yesterday. Improved my push-ups and sit-ups (sit-ups have always been my nemesis, so I was soooo happy about this!), but my run was U-G-L-Y!!! My lungs are clearly not 100% yet after my two-month coughing spree. I seriously thought I might have a syncopal episode while running, I was so dizzy and my pace was bad, I just couldn't get my breathing right. Bleh. I thought I might end up in my own ER on my day off! I made it and passed, but that was one of the worst runs I've done. I actually for-real vomited when I finished, haha. Oh well ... the next one will be better!
  2. by   nursee*
    Thank you for your service. Stick with it. There are funny days, frustrating days and rewarding days. I spent almost 30 years in the Army Nurse Corps and I don't regret it al all. I enjoyed the work challenges, the travel and the friends I made. Retirement is great too.
  3. by   kalevra
    Sounds like a typical ARMY day. I am surprised they got it right at all. Well congrats!
  4. by   zombie
    I hate the run also. I got this nifty Nike GPS watch and I was running like up to 5 miles feeling great. Can't wait to PCS to somewhere where it's not crap weather....
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Took another PT test in October -- run wasn't much better! LOL. Still gotta work harder on it. I mean, I pass everything, but there is always room for improvement!