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  1. Hello,

    I'm getting prepared for ODS beginning this next year, and have a few simple questions regarding male grooming standards. I have a mustache that i've had for quite awhile, recently, I chopped it into navy regs but was curious - are we even allowed to have a mustache at ODS?

    Similarly, all of the pictures i've seen of men at ODS seem to sport the same 'high and tight' style haircut. Navy regs seem awfully generous for hair lengths (4 inches on top for example), yet I see no one with hair longer than what appears to be a half inch. My question is, are we required to have it 'high and tight' for ODS, but can grow it longer later, or am I fine with having it meet regs?
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  3. by   NewNavyRN
    I just finished ODS back on Nov 18th. none of the guys in either company in our class had moustaches but if its within regs they probably won't care. if you stand out the class officer will tell you, you'll meet him a day or 2 before the chiefs come in and start yelling all day, every day. there were plenty of guys who had hair that were just within regs, not alot of us had the classic hi and tight (I did but i prefer my hair short). again, if it needs to be cut, believe me the chiefs will let you know... lol you'll see...
  4. by   Oldlove
    I'd shave it. If you positively have to have a mustache, feel them out and if you feel it's safe grow it back. I know you want to maintain a little piece of you, but if you're out of regs...so is your shipmate. Take from someone who went through enlisted boot camp :]