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This is sort of a silly question due to the nature of what a nurse does, but I was just curious: How much "ground combat" training would a Navy Nurse receive? Perhaps a nurse that is serving in a... Read More

  1. by   navynurse06
    OIS has a lot of similarities to OCS. Pt everyday, getting yelled at...treated like a child and not allowed to do anything without being told to do it. We have red rope cheif and marine DI that do the training now. It is no longer fork and knife school!
    The biggest difference between OCS and OIS is that when officers that go through OIS already have thier commissions; however, in OCS you don't get your commission until after you make it through OCS.
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    Quote from rncali
    How many nurses died in the field so far I wonder?
    For the current situation?

    If I recall correctly the last stats I read were that 1-2% of soldier casualties in the Iraq were female and of them 80% were nurses and the other were transport.

    Not sure where I read it though. It is easily searchable via google under casualty stats.