New Nursing Student, Prior/Current AF

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm Derek, I spent the last 4 years as an active duty Security Forces guy in the AF and am now in Pest Mgmt in the Air Guard.

    I was just accepted into Nursing school today, and am jazzed, so I came here to ask since my goal after finishing my BSN is to join the AF Nurse Corps, what do I need to do now to prepare?

    Such as: Volunteer work? Recommendations from my Commander? etc etc

    Also, assuming I get my BSN, is it tough to get into the AF Nurse Corps? thanks a bunch!!!
    -some SrA
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  3. by   wtbcrna
    You have everything you need right now.....Your Active Duty/Guard career will speak for all you need is your BSN/RN license.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   deftonez188
    Sounds easy, .....
  5. by   Cherish
    Congrats on getting accepted. Hope you do well!