New Grad, joining the Navy and heading to ODS in August

  1. Hi there. I just graduated from Nursing school with my BSN, and will be going to ODS (Navy) in August. Just looking for as much info as I can get my hands on before I go. I did all of the paperwork last year, was going to do NCP, but then decided not to, since it was pretty late. I take boards in a few weeks, then my oath and comissioning. Any advice about anything pertaining to ODS, Navy Nursing, Military life ect would be greatly appreciated. I will be going to NMC Balboa, San Diego and am pretty excited about that. I have lived in Maine my entire life. Thank you in advance. Also looking for other people that may be going in August.
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  3. by   Jams95
    Do a search on allnurses for ODS. There is a ton of advice on what to expect, helpful hints, what to bring and not bring.

    Good luck to you ))
  4. by   sammykst
    Hi Wendy,
    I just went through ODS in March and am currently stationed at NNMC Bethesda. I'm loving it so far. I know a bunch of people at San Diego as well from my ODS class who are enjoying it very much out there. If you need anything, any questions at all please feel free to let me know.
  5. by   Wendy1983
    Hey There! Thanks for the reply. I actually have a few friends out in San Diego that are there already, but they did the NSI program so Im out of the loop so to speak. So did you come into the Navy as a nurse or have you been in already? Could you tell me about ODS haha? Any tips or advice would be great. Im new to the Military in general, and it seems a bit overwhelming so I am taking and learning all that I can before I go.
  6. by   akoalaatemylion
    I have to second Jams, there are a few older posts in the archives about ODS experiences. I also found a cool wiki put together by physicians on their way to ODS: Hope that helps! Congratulations and good luck!