New CRNA considering direct commission

  1. I'll be graduating from a CRNA program in a few mnths and have been tossing the idea around of direct commission into one of the branches of military. A lot of the topics Ive been looking at in the forums discuss becoming a CRNA via the military route and what maybe required rather than where im at now.
    Wanted to know if anyone has has gone from private CRNA into the military and their experience; would they do it again, are they still in the service/what branch, pro vs conts of military/private sector work, workload/lifestyle, active vs reserve, etc.

    Thanks for your comments
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  3. by   navyman7
    What are some of your reasons for wanting to come into the military? You need to have some ideas before you commit. I konw many CRNA's in and out of the Navy and the civilians are much happier. I could go on and on about the Pros/Cons to this but I won't.
  4. by   eaglezip17
    some of my reasons to join:

    -amazing clinical experience that certainly cant be compared to civilian sector
    -constantly hear how the military crnas are some of the best once they go back to the civilian status
    -retirement benefits
    -loan repayment

    the biggest one is to get a solid experience base which i can use to go just about anywhere in the private sector