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Hello everyone. I was just notified that I was selected for air force, I am only waiting on my base assignment now. I am married and have a child. My question is what is the best way to move my... Read More

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    Quote from smarttyone
    Just letting everyone know that I am getting oathed in today! After this it is 6 months until my first promotion.


  2. by   smarttyone
    Thank you! Now I have to do all the preparing and getting ready to go. I am both excited and a little nervous ( more nervous about getting all settled somewhere new).
  3. by   traumaRUs
    How cool - thanks for your service - congratulations.
  4. by   Gennaver
    Quote from wtbcrna
    Sounds like a good assignment!

    By the way try to do your oath ASAP. It will show up as Date of Rank and can shave a couple months off of your promotion timeline if you do it early enough.

    Here is the email address to the Family Support Center at Travis. They should be able to help with most relocation questions.

    Hi wtbcrna!

    This makes sense! Thank you for posting. Now I really and fully understand why my recuiter had me oath on Dec 2006! When I go in August I will already have 8 months in rank. However the first 8 months will be as reserve commission and I have to re-commision upon shipping to the Army, which may be different.

    congrats again to the new AF nurse!
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