Navy Wife with a few questions

  1. My husband is getting ready to rejoin the Navy - he served 4yrs out of HS and he got his BSN after getting out. Although he is excited to get back into the "Navy family" I am a little scared (like most wives I'm sure!). He has 2yrs ICU/ER experience and hopes to go to Bethesda after OIS. I have a few quick questions I would love to have answered!!

    1. How long does the Navy allow you to "stay" in the same spot (not talking about deployments). I would love to own a home...but I've heard that the Navy moves you around every 3-4yrs! Is this true? If so how does anyone in the Navy ever own?

    2. I am a nurse as well and I'm hoping that if DH gets stationed overseas (ex: Germany or Italy) that I could go with him and possibly work at the Navy Hospital. Is this possible? My specialty is NICU and I wouldn't feel comfortable in any other unit (too much time in the is it's own world!)...would that be a problem?

    3. For those "seasoned" navy nurses out many deployment have you been on (in how many years) and how long were they? We are thinking of starting a family soon..and I know he will get deployed...just want something to give me an idea of what I may be looking at!

    Any info to help put this poor worried wife at ease?
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  3. by   DanznRN

    If he's coming to Bethesda tell him I need him in the ER. I'm taking over as the Division Officer there in Mid-January, LOVE to have him. When does he get orders? I need his full name and social and I'll start asking for him. Actually, call me, I'll PM you my number.

    Owning houses. Been in the Navy for 10+ years and I buy everywhere I go, never rented yet, except when we were in Italy and we didn't own because they wouldn't let us, otherwise, would've bought there too. For us, 3 years has always been a good amount of time to turn over a house. So far the least we've made on a place was $9,000, the most $51,000. When we buy a place we buy it with the knowledge that we WILL have to sell and plan accordingly.

    Nursing overseas as a dependent wife. That one's a bit tricky, my wife and I had the same dilemma. We were going to Italy, this was 2003 mind you, and we had the same thought she could just work at the hospital there. detailer told us it was relatively small and that she "might" get a job in the three years we were there. Children and obligations need to be met and he suggested that she go active duty for the time we were there. Her contract was for 4 years, 3 spent in Italy and 1 here. That worked for us and we did it, she's working on her 5th year and loves it. Having 2 officers in the Navy isn't bad on the bank account either. If you want more specfics, ask when you call.

    Deployments: I've been in for 10+ like I said. I've gone on 1 deployment and that was 2 weeks with the Marines. Things have changed a lot since I got in and I expect to go for a 6 month "vacation" to a sunny destination within a year of when I get out of grad school (DEC '07). Just start thinking now, it's way of life and you can not change it. The sooner you accept it the better. We have 3 kids and we can both be deployed, think about that one. The Mrs. has been a stand-by for deployment since last August, people just keep volunteering in front of her, it happens.

    Take care and give me a call.

    LCDR Dan
  4. by   waterlily252
    Thank you so much for the answers! It really helps hearing from someone who has experience (and isn't a recruiter that will tell you everything you want to hear!) I will pass your information on to my husband as soon as he gets back in town! Thank you again!!
  5. by   psalm
    If you can't get hired at the military facility, volunteer there to keep your skills up...maybe they will decide they need you more if you volunteer an occasional 4-8 hour shift. Or you just may have to work at a civilian hospital if there is no place for you. Let us know what you do.

    Psalm, U.S. Army WAC veteran & former Navy wife
  6. by   makenzie118
    hello Danznrn,

    You give the most detailed information. I am a senior nursing student at Loyola University Chicago. I graduate this May (2009). I will find out where i will be stationed in a couple of weeks. I am so excited to start my career in the navy. I am a mother of two (6yr old daughter and 2yr old son) and i have been married for 8 years. My husband is a ex-marine. I think he is also exicited about our upcoming life in the navy, however i know he would be sad if i had to be deployed. Where are you stationed at now? I have so many questions i just do not know where to start. I love labor and delivery, but after reading several of these post i have come to realize that i will most likely not be a labor and delivery nurse. However, i love nursing so much, i feel like i could do med-surg and be happy (i hope i don't regret those words ). At my school we have Clinical role Transition. How this works is that our last semester (which i will start in two weeks!!) is only seven weeks long (our classes are condensed) then we choose a specialty (if we have the gpa) and we complete 160 hours with a RN in that specialty. I have been selected to do my CRT in labor & Delivery in one of the best Women's Health Hospital in chicago (Northwestern Memorial Hospital). I am so excited about this. Do you think that this CRT experience will help me to get into L&D? I also have a job as a patient care tech at Loyola's Medical Center in the NICU. I would love to talk to you and find out more interesting things about the Navy.