Navy Nursing for October Boards 2013

  1. Hi, future/current nurses,

    Im about to graduate in August 2013, and will take the Nclex shortly after.

    There is nothing more I want to do more than join the Navy after I graduate, and I want to join immediately.
    However, reading previous posts, makes me kind of doubtful that I will even be selected.
    I have no experience, and my GPA is 3.345 currently, but I can increase it to a 3.5 by the time I graduate.

    I do not know what to do, many people so many different things. For example an officer said that I can sign up for active duty and get a signup bonus of $40,000. I do not know how much of this is true.

    My question, is what would increase my chances of getting to do active duty?
    The Navy Candidate Program or the Nurse Corps?

    I know the Navy Candidate Program is when you are already in school, and you get a bonus of $10,000 while you are in school. However I only have 2 semesters left, so I don't know whether just to apply to the Nurse Corpus, and get the sign-up bonus.

    Also, I have not volunteered anywhere, nor have I been in any extracurricular activities, but I have decided to take an extra class "Army Physical Fitness Training" to get me ready for Officer Training Camp.

    I may sound redundant, I am just stressed. There is nothing more that I want, then to join the military.

    Give me some advice Please.
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  3. by   navyman7
    Check out the many similar questions found in Military Nursing Questions Answered.
    As for the $40,000, yes that's true but you commit yourself for 5 years (minus taxes, about 1/3). If I could do it again I would sign for 3 years, get a 20K bonus. Then sign up for ISP for 4 years at the end of those 3 years and get an additional 80K. Of course you have to have to qualify for the ISP (incentive specialty pay). If you work in the ICU, then get your CCRN then you qualify. It also commits you to staying at the bedside for 4 more long years. Good luck and check out those posts.
  4. by   speedyasian
    Extracurriculars help, but you don't need to do them in affiliation with your college. Look for volunteers opportunites that are nursing related such as volunteering with the red cross. Also, make sure that your fitness is on par with the navy's fitness requirements. Hop to it. Additionally, Have your social security card, birth certificate, transcripts, and letters of recommendation ready to apply for boards by October. That's all there is to do, and see if you are elliglible for the Nurse Candidate program too. Ten thousand dollars and a monthly grand added to your account should help ease some of your stress. You are so close to finishing nursing school, good luck.