Navy Nurse Candidate Program - Motivational Statement

  1. [FONT="Georgia"]Hello everyone!

    I am currently applying to the Navy Nurse Candidate Program. I dual enrolled in high school so I am 18 years old and currently in my first semester of nursing school. My recruiter actually told me that if I get accepted, I will be the youngest officer that he has ever commissioned.

    I have always felt drawn to be a part of the military in some way, and I finally found my niche when I started nursing school and heard about the NCP program. Three of my family members are former corpsman, and my grandfather was a CB.

    I am immensely drawn to the humanitarian side of the Navy, and I plan to make that a part of my career, and I also plan to become a CRNA.

    Does anyone have any tips on the motivational statement portion of the application? My recruiter said he wanted to hear what we could do for our country, not so much what the Navy could do for us, but I'm still a little stuck.
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  3. by   TexHaws
    What did you end up putting on your motivation statement? I am currently filling out an AP for the NCP aswell.
  4. by   delaneyjaney
    I put about my family history since a few members of my family were in the Navy, I talked about how I had always been drawn to the military, I also spent some time speaking about what I would bring to the Navy.

    I just found out I've been professionally recommended so all I have left is to go to MEPS to have my physical!
  5. by   HM2Doc
    You are in highschool and in a BSN program? That is so impressive it is hard to believe. That means you've already completed your AA degree while in highschool, and then convinced a nursing school to accept you while you are still a highschool student. Wow!
  6. by   littleluvbugnavy
    I put down just what I thought I could bring to the Navy and how honored I would be to be a part of worked!