Naval Reserve Nurse Corps.

  1. Anyone in the Naval Resreve?

    Give me your thoughts.

    My Naval Reserve recruiter stated I will enter as an o-2 or o-3. I have a BSN and worked critical care since 1996. I will be starting CRNA school this fall and am looking to gain some type of income. I will get a sign on bonus plus drill pay and gi bill. I must give them 6yrs. Now the part that seems to good to be true: My recruiter said I will be placed in a PRIMUS unit while in school (3yrs). This means I will get credit for drill while attending school. After school I will be placed on the IRR for 3yrs. My recruiter stated there is no required drill in the IRR. So I get all these benefits and don't have to drill 1 per month or 2wks a year ever. Also he stated I cannot be pulled from my CRNA program.

    Any Naval Reserve Nurse Corps officers serving in PRIMUS units, what is it like? Can this be fact or fiction?
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    I would talk to another recruiter before I signed anything. To start with you will proably go in as an O2, no higher.

    And don't buy the story that you will get all of that free schooling and not have to pay anything back.

    If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.