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Hello, major edit of this thread title because It is soooo misleading... It is only not recognize for the "student nurse ANC Candidate stipend!" The Army DOES recognize MSN entry and they... Read More

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    Any news, Gen?
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    Any news, Gen?
    It will have to go before review a third time.

    No reason given, it was just "passed" up. This has my recruiter really baffled as his compliments for my package are very high.

    My deep suspicion is that it "IS" because it is the MSN-entry. Sure, Sure, ignoring a MSN entry with no pre-qualifying BSN is as ridiculous as ignoring a BSN entry with no pre-qualifying ADN but, it looks like it might happen.

    Luckily they are going to send it before the reveiw again and the director of the AACN as well as the Army nurse corps are both in favor of this.

    However, unluckily, it is not them who make the decision.

    I was told that I should now how the third review goes by Christmas.

    Thanks for asking JaxiaKiley, you are psychic, I only found this out yesterday afternoon and this morning.

    Still hoping but, getting pretty suspicious of what is it in my "supposed" great application packet that is getting it passed by?