Mixed messages regarding loan repayment - Air Force

  1. I would like to ask if anyone is aware of loan repayment/ signing bonuses offered to new nurses in the Air Force Nurse Corps? I have heard mixed messages on this topic and would appreciate any clarification! Thank you so much!
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  3. by   Skeletor
    Air Force Nurse Corps Health Professions
    Repayment Program (HPLRP)
    Join the Air Force and receive help towards
    repaying your college loan.

  4. by   Shimano0606
    The incentives change every year, depending on fiscal year approval from Congress. 2008 bonus amounts were 25k for a 4 yr commitment and up to 38k in loan repayment (HPLRP). If you take both, then there is a 6 year commitment. Both amounts are taxed at around 30% before distribution to you and your banks. Your recruiter should have the available amounts for this year. Keep in mind that the money usually runs out before the end of the fiscal year, so if you start your application at the end of the fiscal year, then you may not get as much as someone who started theirs at the beginning. Actually, you may not get anything at all. It's on a first come first serve basis. Fiscal year starts in October. Good luck!