military STRAP?

  1. I'm currently in grad school, hopefully will be an FNP at the end of 2013, and was looking into the STRAP bonus with the Army. Recruiter says they don't have that right now, even though the Army website and web recruiters still tout it. Anyone know of another branch offering stipends or STRAP to NP students?
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  3. by   jeckrn
    From what I understand the STRAP program was for ADN's & enlisted to get their BSN's. Not sure if it could be used for a graduate degree. You need to contact the Healthcare Recruiters (HCR)from the AF or Navy to see what they have available. Their is TA in the reserves which differs from service to service.

    The web sites are not always keep upto date that is why you need to speak with a HCR.
  4. by   dmpearce
    I am currently trying to get in touch with the Navy recruiter. At least with the Army, it was quick. The Navy I fill out their online form, then they call, then they decide to have a officer recruiter call, who apparently then may or may not allow you to talk to a healthcare recruiter. Anyone else jump through these hoops, or know how else to talk to someone in Naval healthcare recruiting?
    As for the AF, I was ready to submit my app to NTP 2 years ago and the recruiter disappeared, so I am a bit frustrated with them.