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  1. Hey I'm nora and I'm 24 years old. I am one test away from finishing my GED. I need a 410 to pass it, but I got a 400 2 months ago. I am currently in school for GED MATH because I really want to finish before this year ends. I was wondering which military branch will take me?. I have talked to NAVY, ARMY RESERVE, they say I need 15 college credits. So what classes should I take for college?? .I REALLY WANT TO BE A MILITARY NURSE REALLY BAD!. The medical field runs in my family tree. I am not worried about deployment , I want to go and help people. It's my calling. My destiny. Anyways if I dont deploy then I will be very happy helping people and kids ,Wherever.
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  3. by   jeckrn
    If you want to be a nurse in the military you will need to get your BSN. There is no way around that. If you enlist for the GI Bill, TA etc. you can try to become a 68WM6 in the Army which is a LPN. I do not believe that the Navy or AF have enlisted LPN's
  4. by   Navymm1swaw
    The Navy Doesn't have Enlisted LPNs. Having 15 college credits is not really a REQUIREMENT, but it does make it a whole lot easier to get you in. GED applicants are not really being taken right now, but VERY rarely, they will take a GED and that really depends on your location. I know if you are in Georgia or Alabama, you are likely going to need the 15 credits (putting you equal to someone graduating with a diploma). I tried many, many months to get a good guy with a GED in and it was over six month before I even received word that the NRD was going to take two. The spots were filled before my applicant was able to get in and had to start the wait all over again. If the recruiters in your local area are talking about the college credits, they are likely under the same terms as we are.

    If you ever want to become commissioned, join the Navy as a Corpsman (HM) and while in, go to college, get your ASN and apply for the HM to BSN program (Navy pays for you BSN). This is all far in the future, so program requirements can change. Good luck.
  5. by   midinphx
    The AF does not have enlisted LPN's. There are med techs that do tasks that are on the level with LPN's though, just no license. It limits them I believe, especially with the combining of facilities.

    Without having a degree in nursing, you can join as enlisted. I did that originally when I was 18. I got out after my initial 3 year commitment and used my GI Bill and College fund to obtain my degree. I'm now in as a nurse. It is a long process and takes your own self motivation.

    Good luck.
  6. by   ArmyRN789
    It is VERY hard to get into the Army on the enlisted side right now. The talk over on the recruiter boards is that they are only taking special forces applicants. The Navy might be a good shot though. Good luck and don't give up!