Lpn looking to switch from labor and delivery to the VAMC

  1. Hello. I have been an LPN for 7 years. 5 of those years I've been working on a labor and delivery unit as a scrub nurse. I work 3 days a week 7am to 7pm and every 3rd weekend. After being there for 5 years I make 36422 a year. I do enjoy it but it is starting to get old. We used to get called off for low census if there were two lpn scrubs on. They are now working towards having two on at all times. Currently when we do have two on one of us is sent to the wings to be an aide. (I do not mind this however I get bitter considering the RN's making a lot of money will sit back in l&d with no patient for 12 hours and not do any stocking or any of the other things that aren't necessarily the LPN's job but we are the only ones who do it.) I recently applied and got hired for a position at the VAMC. It is in a clinic working Monday through Friday no weekends or holidays 7:45am to 4:15pm. They offered 7k more a year but that is also with me working 40 hours a week instead of 36. I am really struggling on whether or not to make the change. I am currently in school for RN so it would not be forever. I really would like to know what the benefits are at a federal job as compared to other places. I'd also like to know what the raises are like. I started at my current position at 17.56 and now make 19.51 after 5 years. We are not union and our aides who have been there a bit make 22 an hour since they are union. We are supposed to be a part of every emergency. I've done stat c sections in the trauma bay more than once and emergency hysterectomies which we aren't even really trained to do. I just do like the people I work with a lot. I know in the end it is my decision I'd just like some perspective from other lpns or rns. Thanks in advance. Sorry about my grammar. Read what I mean not what I wrote lol.
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  3. by   pfchang
    Your CNAs make more than LPNs? Wow, that is not right. Keep in mind the transition from 3 12s to 5 8s can be hard for some people. I'm an RN, not an LPN, so can't speak to pay scales, vacation and such but you will have more holidays with VA. You will also already be in at VA which may be a great thing when you finish your RN. You will have to apply for RN positions but will still have an edge.

    Some people think going to a clinic is the kiss of death before you have a lot of acute care RN experience. Taking the clinic job may make it harder to get an RN job in acute care when you pass boards.

    Sorry I cant provide a clear cut take it or not but there are lots of things to think about.