Introduction - I Want to Join the Military and Nobody Understands

  1. Let's see.

    Hi, I'm Cate.

    A short introduction. I'm seventeen years old and a sophomore at a small liberal arts college. I'm graduating in May with an AA in Liberal Arts and (hopefully) transferring to UCONN for my BSN. I'll be twenty years old when I graduate. (I dropped out of high school after 10th grade to start college early and received my GED last week). I've also just completed an EMT-B course and am awaiting certification from the state. I currently do weekly ride-alongs with the local ambulance squad, and hopefully, getting credit by working in the Emergency Department. As you can probably see, my interest in nursing is within the emergency department/trauma.

    I want to join the military. I've entertained the idea of joining the military (either Army/Navy) for a while but never really considered it because I knew people around me wouldn't support it. However, my mother surprised me and thought it to be a great idea and said I should pursue it (making sure I research it fully before I commit to anything). I want to serve my country.

    I've heard that you can't enlist in the Nurse until you are twenty-one. Also, is there any benefit to joining ROTC besides the money?

    I have a lot of questions about the military. Some are trivial (do I have to cut my hair, how long do I have to shower) and some or more important. But I didn't post to just ask questions. That is what the recruiter is for right? No, I just wanted to introduce myself here to have a chance to talk to people who would understand. Because right now, all I am getting as a reaction to my interest in joining is laughter.

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  3. by   muffie
    good luck with your plans
  4. by   82airborne
    Having served in the military my advice would be to go into the Airforce. Not sure what the reg is on hair length but as long as you have your BSN you can join. You dont need ROTC if you are going into the medical field. Medical officer are not completely the same as other officers. Don't get me wrong you will still have all the privliges as other officers you just don't have to go through all the BS as other officers that and you get paid more. As for training I believe all you have to do is go through a 6 week officer training course. Nothing like boot camp. I say go for it I would be an Airforce nurse if I could talk my wife into letting me go back in.
  5. by   raskolnikov
    May I ask why the airforce? At this point, I am open to any advice and experiences people want to share with me. I am not committed to anything at the moment. I just know I really enjoy the ER.
  6. by   Gennaver
    Hello Cate,

    1-you do NOT have to cut your hair! It merely needs to be in regulation...I've read at several women's forums that those who had "longer" hair actually have it easier because all they had to do was put it in a low and tight bun and it was no worries, those with short had to fuss...for what it is worth this silly myth was the *deciding* factor in my passing up a military career in my younger days! YUP, dumb huh? Read-->Women's Military Hair issues Women

    2-I've had about a 50/50 reaction of support/attempt to sway me against joining from people. I realize that this is a highly personal choice and not every needs to understand or appreciate my choice, however, if they are friends they will respect my choice as I respect their differing opinion. Once someone mentions against it I respect them. Recently a new associate said, "OH my! No..." I told her that as a Nurse it is a little different, that I am going to serve our military and family.

    3-since you are going to your junior and senior year at a University you may be eligible for student status Army /Air Force/ Navy stipends and what not, check into it, especially if your University has an ROTC program.

    4-the age, from what I understand you CAN join before age 21.

    Good luck,
    p.s. edit to add: if your school offers NROTC, (nursing ROTC) I highly suggest meeting with them, you will be better prepared for the Officer Basic Training which is actually more like 10 weeks...let me post some links for you to check out, (this is all Army though because that is my first interest):
    Helpdesk Template
    Army Nurse Corps
    -->read for women's issues/feminine needs and training information, although, Officer basic training is not the same as enlisted basic training I think it will be helpful to read: Military Woman Issues
    finally a neat site with video and information for Army Nurses:
    Army Nurse Corps
    If you are interested to find out about Air Force nursing I suggest a google search of Navy Nurse Trainingship program, what I've heard is that currently the training slots are filled and they will not take any new Nurses until September 2007, (since you are a junior it shouldn't affect you)
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  7. by   raskolnikov
    Thanks for the links. I am all about research and the internet. only has so much information. These new website will keep me busy for awhile!
  8. by   navydavey07

    Im new to the forum but i think i can be the most help. I did something along the same lines as you are. i got my EMT then medic and then nursing school and am doing Navy rotc.
    Im partial to the navy, but most of the stuff is across the board. Im not exactly sure what the AF guy was talking about but thats not the full picture. Pay... its the same for all branches of the services, now there could be some specialty pay, but nothing that would make u pick a certian branch (i know guys from the army, navy, and AF and they dont get anything more than I do). You can do rotc before 21, the age for enlistment is 18, there was never a 21 year old age limit. Hair, as long as its in regs, which is easy, u can have whatever. so as long as u can put it in a bun or keep it off ur neck, you can have whatever. There are girls at my unit who have long hair and they just tie it up when in uniform.

    anyway... let me back up. Im in Navy rotc, im a senior, and will be graduating in may and will be commissioned as an ensign, O1, in the US Navy Nurse Corps. I have done rotc all 4 years and go to a college that has an army, navy/MC, AF units attached to it. You can ask me all the questions about it, but i wouldnt trade the decision to do the program for anything. it has its ups and downs, but in the end its worthwhile, u learn alot and have a good time.

    Feel free to email me and I can try to answer ur questions I would reccommend doing any rotc program, they all have thier good and bad things and differant service missions and goals, so that would be the deciding factor between the 3 and what uniform you want to wear.
  9. by   raskolnikov
    If I want to join the Navy but there is only AF/Army ROTC at the college I am transferring, does it behoove me to sign up ROTC, or am I committed to whatever branch it is, even if I don't take any scholarship money?
  10. by   navydavey07

    If you want to do navy, then i would look to see a school with it. But if you have no strong ties to the navy, then go with whatever you want. If you join rotc and dont get a scholarship, they wont pay for ur school or give u a stipend or anything. At a certian point, they will give you some money as a stipend, but no scholarship. At the end of your time there, they will commission you as long as you have meet the reqs. Its very rare to see someone to the rotc program and not get commissioned. its the point of it. But whatever branch of rotc u sign up for, thats the branch you are committeed to atleast for the short run. you could always transfer
  11. by   jnette
    Air Force still has the nicest looking uniforms for women!

    *ahem* ... just my from an old AF vet medic.

    I say go for it. If this is what YOU want, do it. Don't let others decide what is right for YOU. You only live once.

    The experience is worth a lot.. both good and bad.
    Wish you the best!
  12. by   navydavey07
    Yea the af has nice uniforms if you like the color blue! and Green for the Army, but the navy has many color uniforms!

    But do what ever you want to do and what makes you happy, hindsight is 20/20!
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GO AF blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    ten year vet here....and had long hair the whole time...

    Good luck w/your decision.
  14. by   athena55
    Go Green! (smile) I am partial as I am in the Army Nurse Corps. "ARMY STRONG"
    Best decision I ever made. Of course, many in my family didn't understand my decision, still don't.....
    You seem to be a very motivated, self-directed individual. Keep on the path you are, finish up your schooling. It seems one major decision you need to make is, which service? Either way (Army, Air Force, Navy) I will say thank you, in advance, for your future service.
    Stay Safe.