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  1. Hello all!

    i am a 29 year old married mother of one who is interested in opportunities in the US Military, preferably the National guard. I currently have my RN license and am working a civilian job and will be starting my BsN this Jan.

    I do not plan to enlist or anything until I have my BSN.

    Thag being said, could I hear from some of you about what it is like in the military as a married nurse? I have a small child and do plan to have another eventually, and I am aware that family life can be difficult but it is doable. About 80% of my friends are Military or married to someone in the Military. So I know enough as an outsider.

    i want to know about what it's like inside, about pay, about traveling and deployment if the guard deploys. I really just want to hear everything from different viewpoints so I can make an informed decision.

    I work out at the gym and do plan to increase my running and such so I can handle PT. If I do this, it won't happen for another two years so I'm really just poking the sack right now.

    any information would be greatly appreciative!

    Also! My husband is Military, or was. He's also wanting to re-enlist. He's 33.

    J. Nagle
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I was active duty Army, so I have very little insight into how the Guard works. But just a small distinction: officers don't enlist, we commission. And you can't commission until you have a BSN anyway, I believe. The Guard used to allow RNs to commission with an ADN if they were actively pursuing a BSN, but I believe they changed that to BSNs only.

    I looked at joining a Reserve unit when I left active duty, but the closest was 150 miles away, and I was already on the fence about tying myself to a Reserves commitment, so I just opted for the individual ready reserve (IRR). They can call me back, but I doubt they will. Is there a Guard unit close to you?