Information about joining the Navy Nurse Reserves

  1. I graduated recently with my BSN in nursing. I have been working as a nurse for 2 months.

    The process that I was told:

    I spoke to an officer recruiter yesterday, he said that I would have to take a pre-test first to see if I am qualified to join the Navy reserves.

    He also said that in joining the navy, I would need to take classes all over again to become a navy nurse, regardless of what college degree I have. --> This is confusing! Does this mean I do not qualify to be a nurse with my civil BSN??? He said just because I'm a nurse now does not mean I would be a nurse in the navy.. I would have to take classes and ANOTHER exam (I thought NCLEXRN was over!), COMPETING for a spot as a nurse. If I become a Navy nurse reserve I would be highly likely to work in Iraq in the sand with the marines.

    I had acquired about $40,000 in stafford loans while studying for my BSN. Navy said they could possibly cover this, depending on how I score on their exam (main reason of joining is to pay off my college debt and develop a backbone).

    I would be placed on active duty while in boot camp for 7 1/2 weeks in Chicago with all the benefits. Then after, I would work part-time reserves working one weekend per month and 2 weeks a year doing whatever I was qualified for based on my test score.

    Does this make sense? Was anyone told the same? Is this all true? I did not know that I needed to take a test to get in to the Navy reserves!
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  3. by   navynurse06
    I don't know who you spoke with but he misinformed you! I've never heard of any test that you have to take before joining. The only test I had to take was a drug test in at MEPS. And since you would be an officer you don't go to boot camp; you go to ois in RI, which is only 5 wks. The navy needs nurses really bad so its not like you are competeing for a spot. And the think about just b/c you are a civilian nurse doesn't mean you can be a navy nurse....that just doesn't make sense. I don't think this guy knows what he's talking about. It sounds like you at talking to a enlisted recruiter.
  4. by   amy0123
    I didn't think it was so difficult to become a Navy Nurse reserve. I spoke to two recruitors, both stated that they were officer recruiters. I think joining is turning way too complicated.
  5. by   navynurse06
    Its actually not complicated at all if your are talking to people who know what they are talking about!
  6. by   GuelnRn
    I am interested in joining the Navy Nurse Reserves after graduating with my BSN about a year and a half from now. Do i need to have prior experience to get accepted as a reservist?
  7. by   rndiver82
    I recently spoke with a recruiter for the Navy and the only pre-req (if you want to call it that) was that they require you to have 90 days experience with your BSN before the Navy will take you (which doesn't make sense with over 7yrs of clinical experience in Level 1 trauma centers). After that, you would be an Officer in the reserves, no tests to qualify and you would work in the area that you have experience in.

    Not sure what the guy was smoking you were talking to, I wonder if you were talking to an Enlistment recruiter because that is what they do for enlisted going into the service.
  8. by   SanDgroovy
    I also wonder if you were talking to an Enlistment recruiter. I'm in the US Navy Reserves, I was selected as an Officer and as a NURSE, though competitive, I did not have to take an exam to be considered for selection. The only test I recall taking was a UDS and UPT during my physical exam.