Help with AF COT

  1. Please Help.

    I know there is information out there but I have spent the last three hours reading through hundreds of threads and posts. I am hoping to get the information in a central place.

    Please help answer my questions:

    1) What is the cut off age to join the Air Force as a nurse?

    2) What is COT really like? Daily routines (wake up time go to bed time daily schedule), physical training, how to get your rank, does only nursing count (I will have a BSN but already posses an MA), obstacle course, yelling, just everything.

    3) Salary

    4) Living in dorms

    5) Flying versus driving

    6) If you take daily vitamins or medicines? (I had a total hysterectomy six years ago and take a daily hormone) (Also take ibuprofen sometimes) Do they drug test weekly and will question the hormone?

    7) Purchasing uniforms

    8) Any other information
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  3. by   midinphx
    Age cut off without waiver and without prior service is 42.

    Rank determined by years of experience as a nurse.

    Look at for salary charts. It is current and up to date and will let you see how housing factors in. Base pay is taxed. Housing and food is not.

    You only live in dorms when you are in COT and NTP. Then you find your permanent housing. Most officers live off base.

    OTC meds ok.

    Driving depends on where you are going and if it is on the way basically.

    Uniforms - you pay for yourself. Expect about $2,000. You can get them at COT, but it'll save you a headache to have them before hand.

    (this is all from my research. There is alot of info on here too.... look around)./
  4. by   cacentralvalley
    Thank you for your reply. I'm looking for what its like there, daily routines, wake up/sleep times, and so forth. I'll be 39 when I go and I would like to see what I'm in for. How many people get kicked out?
  5. by   midinphx check out this thread.
    All your questions are already answered somewhere on this site. Seriously. Look around. Carolinapooh has already said it all. Much to my personal gratitude.
  6. by   carolinapooh
    Thanks, Mid.