HBPC (Home Health)

  1. hello, I am a LPN at ASHVAMC visn 6. I work on a med/surg floor and. I will start HBPC soon and I was wondering did anyone have advice about home health in the VA and how to better organize your day.
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  3. by   renerian
    HBPC? What does that mean? I assume your working with vets? That way I can understand you better.

  4. by   maxjulian
    Home Base Primary Care. Home Health for the veterans.
  5. by   ucavalpn
    Hi Maxjulian , welcome to the wonderful world of HH. There is a forum for HH on this BB you may want to look at . HPBC is a little different from the community HH. No real advise , just take it one day at a time . You will be fine .
    Oh , and be really nice to your co-workers.
  6. by   maxjulian
    Sherrie, its me Lucy, I am Maxjulian. LOL
  7. by   renerian
    I did home health for 11 years maybe I can help you. I assume people are grouped together in areas. I tried to do the city in a circle. If I had to start at the office I worked my way around the city going either clockwise or counter to end up at the office to turn in my paperwork.

  8. by   maxjulian
    oh, did you worry much about safety? and how did your organize your time for paper work? Thank you for responding.
  9. by   ucavalpn
    Lucy , yea , I know it's you , that's why I said be nice to your co-workers .
    I sent you a reply a little earlier , but I guess it went to never -never land. Renerian is right about trying to work in a circle or sometimes I go out to the fartherest (sp) pt. and work my way back. Don't worry about paper work , thats one thing that is different from community HH. You will put your notes/encounter forms in the "puter". It's not that bad really , I just hate paper work. Love the job , hate the paperwork. I would much rather be out visiting a pt.
  10. by   maxjulian
    thats good. I got your message after I wrote it. Yes, I will be very nice to my coworkers. lol I really think that I will love the job, I just can't wait to start. Everyone has seem so nice to me and that means alot
  11. by   renerian
    Yes I worried about my safety. trust your gut instincts.

  12. by   maxjulian
    I will trust my instincts. I am reallly excited about this new job. I just hope that all will go well.
  13. by   renerian
    I am sure you will like it.