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    I tried replyng by PM, but your box was full so here ya go. I do have a friend that is a CRNA trained through the Navy. Let me know what kind of questions you want answered and I'll ask him if he would mind talking with you. Take care and maybe clear out the box a little, you popular thing you.

    LCDR Dan
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  3. by   etherwannabe
    LCDR Dan,

    Thank you much for posting this, sorry about the full inbox. Need more space Basically I wanted to ask him what departments he worked in before he was accepted to the Navy CRNA program and for how long. If he took any additional duties on or volunteered for any deployments to make his application look better. And if he took any graduate classes to help his application. Lastly, would he recommend to a new grad that has CRNA as a goal in the future to go the Navy route like he did.

    Sorry hopefully that's not too many questions! I don't mind just talking to him through email too, I'm sure he is very busy. I really appreciate you helping me out LCDR Dan. I am in talks with a Medical Programs Recruiter for the Navy right now as well so just trying to get everyone's opinion, especially those that do not have a vested interest in the recruiting side.

    Thanks again!

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