1. Hey, I'm currently takin my pre-reqs for my nursing school...I already have a bs.in journalism so it will only take me about 2 years part-time to get my bsn. My dilemma, in order to do either the Navy candidate program or Army program you need to be a full time student. I've already been accepted into a part time program so that way i can work while going to school...(health benefits they arent cheap) Anyway what are my options? I do want to be in the Army or maybe Navy but what can I do to become "involved" now. Also if i do the reserves how do employers feel about that when going thru the hiring process. I guess it may hinder my job search due to the current world situation. Anyone have any opinion on this? sorry this is all over the place but its a lot to try and find out....any help would be much appriciated...Cheers!!!!
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