Did anyone here get accepted to Navy or Army NCP in past couple months?

  1. I was just wondering what the typical applicant that is accepted into the NCP looks like as I was not accepted into the Navy's NCP. My recruiter is trying to find out why. And quite frankly is shocked that I wasn't. I had planned on going to a 2nd degree nursing program but not sure now if I can afford it. Other than my age, late 30's, I cannot think of a reason why I am not qualified. I had great recommendations, I had honors in my biology degree as an undergrad. I attended part way through a graduate healthcare program, funding prevented me from finishing. I passed a national board exam at the doctoral level in basic medical sciences. I tutored nursing students in Anatomy& Physiology, I took a graduate level pathophysiology course with nurse practitioner students as an undergrad. And numerous graduate level pathophysiology courses. I basically have a minor in chemistry, I played tennis in college, can run a 40 yard dash at age 37 in 4.6, I was employed for a Fortune top 5 pharmaceutical company as a representative for 8 years receiving numerous awards for achievement. I have worked and gone to school at the same time since a kid. What the heck gives? I could probably go to medical school if I wanted, but I don't, not my cup of tea. I was accepted to four local 2nd degree nursing programs and all I just want to be is a nurse in the military and eventually become an NP or CRNA depending, and serve my 20 years in the military. As mentioned I highly doubt I can afford to attend one of these programs without the help of the NCP. Sorry for running on and on, but if anyone knows what they are looking for, if they even look at all, please let me know. Is the Army looking for people for NCP?
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  3. by   Waiting_28
    I just received word this evening that I made it into the Army Nurse Candidate Program. Don't give up though, and it's good that your recruiter is on the case to find out why. If you keep pursuing it, there could be ways to still obtain it. Good Luck!