COT 17/05

  1. Hi! I just received word from my recruiter that I will be going to COT May 22, 2017. I just found out in Dec. that I was selected by the board. I'm going into the Air Force as a 46N3E (critical care nurse). Anyone going to be at COT then? Would love to connect! I will be stationed at Langley AFB afterwards!
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  3. by   C-130 Load
    Hello, I will be there with you. Looking forward to the new adventure. I will be at Wright-Patterson AFB.
  4. by   St.BaptistRN
    Finally, I've been waiting a while for this thread to appear. I'll be in the Sam Houston COT in 5/22/17. Look forward to seeing you guys. Good Luck, please post any more info you find out. My recruiter hasn't told me anything else yet.
  5. by   dotmob22
    Any advice that you can give about selecting my base and things to be sure the recruiter does
  6. by   Kevtg7
    Theres a Facebook group for May COT

    AF COT 17-04

    I will be at WP too
  7. by   Jay Q
    Looking forward to new adventures as well! Has anyone started buying things ahead of time. If so, what have you started buying. I was told by my recruiter and my sponsor at Langley to get as much as I could beforehand!!
  8. by   Jay Q
    I don't have a lot of information at this time. I do know that we should buy some things ahead of time just to make in-processing easier.
  9. by   RN2365
    Hey!! I'm also a critical care RN that will be stationed at Langley AFB. I believe my sponsor told me about you! My cell is 2672987051 if you wanna talk
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  10. by   dotmob22
    I have started the application process. I graduate in Dec 2017. Does anyone know when the next board will be after my graduation. How many months before graduation should I have everything turned in?
    Lastly, how long after your selection board did you all receive your commission? My recruiter says it may take about 6 months to 1 year.