Confused About Navy Nurse Candidate Program

  1. I started my application for the NNCP, but I don't know what will gaurantee me a spot in this program. Has anyone applied recently and what is the process like after you've turned in everything? How long does it take for the selection and if you've been turned down or not selected, why? I need to know before Ipass up my slot for an LPN-RN transitional program.
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  3. by   navynurse06
    See the post that I posted under the "US Navy or England" thread about how long it took. Once you sign the papers after you are clear by MEPS and pass your interviews, your postion is locked in. And once you have signed the papers you have made a service aggreement. I've never heard of someone not being selected so I can't really answer that question for you. But if I was making an educated guess for reasons not be selected would be not passing your physical or not getting the security clearnance, or failing the drug test.
    So good luck with the process...I know it feels likf forever..but it does take a while for the process to finalize. Just be patient with it.
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