Civilian SN marrying SSgt. Jobs?

  1. I'm in nursing school right now, and hopefully I graduate Dec. 2012. I have a vague idea of the job situation here, but what about when I move in with my husband? I think he'll be back stateside when I graduate (he's currently stationed at Kadena in Okinawa, Japan) to change his MOS, but is the job situation at the VA or military hospitals as bad as the rest of the country? Should I expect to wait? He's asked around, like one of the commissioned officers whose wife was a GN (actually I think she had just passed NCLEX) when she got a job at the military hospital and she's a military dependent.

    I'm trying to get a realistic idea of what to do. I had originally planned to stay here an extra year and hopefully land a job so that I'd look a little better resume wise to the base hospitals, but if it's easier to get a job outside, I'll go for it. Our teachers have been telling us that with the current economy, it might be better for some of us to go into the military...I think one of us in the military is enough.
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  3. by   chare
    you can use any of the following sites to search for civilian military or government positions.
    the va medical facilities will allow you to search for centers in area you will be relocating to.

    good luck in your job search, and thank your husband for his service.
  4. by   rumwynnieRN
    Thank you very much and my husband would appreciate the comment.
  5. by   Viper1104
    As a Navy Nurse and having a spouse who must move constantly with me, I feel I may be able to assist.

    When a military family moves, the spouse has what is termed a "spousal preference". What this mean is that if there is one job in your field available and more than one applicant, if both applicants have the same experience and qualifications, the job will go to the one with the "spousal preference". If he plans on staying military, your best solution would be to check into the GS employee system. The GS sytem would allow you to move jobs with your husband as you are already in the military system. The other option is to obtain a Government contractor position as a nurse. There are companies in the local areas that cover the contracts and ou would have to check with that local company for availability.
  6. by   rumwynnieRN
    What scares me is that if I move with him right after nursing school is that I won't get a job because of lack of experience. Will that have a lot of weight? Do government contractors look at that?
  7. by   79Tango
    Gov't Contractors are not subject to the same Hiring Preference's permanent employees enjoy. They are also expected to have 12 of the past 36 months experience in said dept.
  8. by   jaevigil
    government contractors do go by years experience unless you know someone that can get you in w/o the experience..... i've been a government contractor since 2007...

    a GS position is prolly what's best in your situation because with all the moving... you are "almost" guaranteed a job with a move.
  9. by   rumwynnieRN
    So when would it be appropriate to apply? Usually people start applying for their jobs well before graduation, but does it change in this situation? Should I wait until I pass NCLEX?
  10. by   jaevigil
    GS positions won't hire GN's... you must pass NCLEX first.... : )
    have fun!