Childcare for AD dependants

  1. As I wait to hear about my application and hopeful commission, I'm starting to think about my need to find childcare where ever I am sent. For those who are AD, can you share your thoughts/experiences on finding reliable childcare for young kids? My husband and I both work and he has a somewhat normal schedule but it is not always a 9-5 deal. Do most bases have childcare available? Is it generally easy to find spouses of AD members who may want to make extra money through babysitting? My kids are still young, 4 and 5, so I want to start thinking about this now to make things less stressful later. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   DanznRN

    I've got 3 kids and my wife and I are both active duty, so childcare is always a concern. In the past we have used the CDC, Child Development Center, which is the childcare on base. The cost is based on your rank, which tends to favor enlisted as it should. We make more than they do. Nonetheless, it can be pricey depending on where you are, but very convenient being on base and all. They are normally 6a-6p, which is great for the 9-5er's, but not so much for the shift workers. Been this way since we got in to the military 10 years ago and has never changed. Most of the time the CDCs will also have a list of AD spouses that do watch kids in their homes. We have had good and bad ones with these too, just choose VERY wisely and even then keep an eye open (it's a long story, nothing bad/ illegal). We have just searched around everywhere we go and find someone that works.

    LCDR Dan
  4. by   PurrRN
    I'm an active duty wife currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. My youngest in the CDC cost $435.00/mo for an E-7. Prices go up for higher grades and officers. Times were from 0530-0530 M-F. All Federal and National holidays are taken off and all post holidays also, sometimes that can be a real pain. There is a 10% discount for a second child in the system. Children in 5 and older who hav started kindergarden are not eligible for the CDC so alternate in home care arrangements must be made. They will supply a list of certified inhome care providers like LCDR Dan said. Sometimes it can be hard to find someone you feel comfortable with. I suppose that goes for anywhere you are. Good Luck, Angela
  5. by   The Little Greek
    Thanks ya'll. Sounds like finding childcare is just going to be stressful no matter what. At least there are some resources to help. Do you all know, are the CDCs usually full? I would think that with all the families that need childcare that there would be a hefty waiting list.
  6. by   DanznRN
    All depends on where you are headed. Once you have orders, some of the CDCs would let you get on the waiting list if you sent them a copy of your orders. don't know if they still do that though. We lucked out and found a babysitter in our neighborhood, 2 doors down. We're stationed at Bethesda, but live in WV.

    LCDR Dan
  7. by   mamma3munchkins
    My husband and I have a Nanny. We are stationed in San Diego if we waited on the waiting list for 3 years we might get them in and then they do not come close to our hours. So we have a Nanny who comes to the house when we work it is nice to keep the kids on the same schedule in their house.