Can I work overseas? husband is AD Army

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    I will be graduating nursing school in Aug 07 and I have questions about working outside of the country. My husband is in the Army and we are trying to go to Japan or Germany. How do I apply to work at a hopsital on post at these duty stations and would my license be good there since they are considered the US? Also what about working on another economy (not on post but in another country) is that possible? Is the pay any different with military facilities. Also how do I go about negotiating a salary where ever we go? Thanks in advance.
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    Visit for Civilian Personnel Online. There you can search for various healthcare jobs in countries where you may be headed. Certain military installations/posts in Germany have a high demand for registered nurses, while other areas you may find it difficult to find work.

    In Germany, there are various opportunities - family practice clinics, WIC clinics, school nurse jobs. There are currently two hospitals (Heidelberg and Landstuhl) where you can find work. You'll need to have a state license to practice.

    As for working with the Germans - I don't know. Are you fluent in the language? You're going to have to be to be a nurse "on the economy."

    The cpol website or other gov't websites have the payscales. New nurses are GS7 and become GS9s and higher.
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    thanks Army MSN for the infor. do you know anything about Japan?
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    Quote from Dom's mom
    thanks Army MSN for the infor. do you know anything about Japan?
    Like ArmyMSN posted, in Germany is Landstuhl RMC, Germany. You would be able to apply as a GS RN to work at the Medical Center in Landstuhl.

    I don't know of any Army Medical Treatment Facilities, which range in size from clinics to community hospitals and medical centers, in Japan. Check out this link for US Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan and if your husband is PCS, accompanied tour, to Japan, you could also apply to work as a GS RN at the US Naval Hospital in Okinawa.