Buying Uniforms

  1. Can we get on base to buy DH's uniforms without his orders? He wants to go on the 21st, but we aren't sure we will have them by then.
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  3. by   jeckrn
    He should be able to get on base with his drivers license. Without orders he will not be able to buy any uniforms.
  4. by   midinphx
    Actually, if he has commissioned and has those papers as well, they should let him in. I had no problem getting uniforms with just my commissioning papers at Luke AFB. Also, when you sign in at the visitor office, you will need car registration and proof of insurance I think.
  5. by   luvbug080688
    i was able to get onto base and purchase uniforms with just a copy of my commissioning papers. you will just have to check in at the VCC on the way into the base's gate to get a pass.
  6. by   AFFam
    Cool Thanks!
  7. by   AFFam
    Can he also get his military id that day because we need to get PoA paperwork completed?
  8. by   midinphx
    It is really hard to get the ID before COT. You don't need the id for the POA paperwork. Jag can help with the POA stuff. But I think if your name is on his orders, you will have no problems with household pickup. I got my son's ID when he joined me here.
  9. by   AFFam
    The guy I talked to at base legal said he needed his id. Maybe he was confused. Hopefully we will hear something between now and the 21st. My fingers are crossed.