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Hello Everyone, I have a question :lol2: ...I'm currently in the process of enlisting in the Air Force and want to further my education. I currently hold an associates in arts and want to get a... Read More

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    Quote from tinker_bel06
    I just had a general question. I am in my early 30's. I know the cut off is 42 years old. My question is: are there a lot of new RNs joining all in their 30's? I was in boot camp at age 19. there were some women that were in there late 20's and early 30's that were in bootcamp trying to keep up with the 18 yr olds. I also know that it wa hard to take direction from someone that was younger than them? I hope I didn't offend anyone. I just want to know just in case I decide to take this route.
    I am thirty-six. I had no problems in COT. You won't be taking much direction from people younger than you unless that person's a captain - and in the medical corps no one's really hung up on their rank like they are on the "line side" of the Air Force (line officers are everyone else). I'm a second Lt - as low as you can go in the officer ranks - and have no issues at all.

    You're taking direction from that person's rank, not that person. I don't care how old someone is as long as they know what they're doing.

    I'm prior enlisted and went through AF Basic at age 23 and was the oldest person in my flight. I had no problems then, either. And while sometimes in COT I knew that the 25 year olds had an advantage, I didn't dwell on it for long - I had my commission and that was all I cared about. I accepted that in many ways they would always have an advantage. It's life. It's the way it goes. I've got leaps and bounds in life experience on them, and many times it showed.
  2. by   tinker_bel06
    Oh thanks you guys..I was just curious. I know a few people that are going in as officers in other services but not related to nursing or medical at all. I was just curious.
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    Tinker, Will you be using an enlisted commissioning avenue or did you get out/finish and are coming back in? I am applying for the May 2010 NECP board.
  4. by   MTTMPE
    I'm so glad that there is a thread for the NECP program. I was going to apply for May 2010. However, i got tasked with a deployment and won't be back until Oct 2010. The classes start in Aug. I've completed my package and was ready to turn in all of my transcript for evaluation. I'm going to be on the next board (2011) i was scared because they don't take spring applicant. I work for 1 1/2 years on everthing and now i can't go. GOOD luck my fellow airmen. Oh!! i also wanted to add that i have a friend who made it last board, He was 38. They like older people because they know you will do your time. Most young people, get out after their commitment and go civilian. People with 10 years+ will retire.
  5. by   tinker_bel06

    I am just looking to see what my options are as an RN as far as employment. I am still an LVN with hopes to get into Kaplan in May. I was worried about the job opportunities and lack of security as a new grad nurse in Cali so that is why I have been doing research into the different services. Im also researching USPHS. I am prior service and want to add to my future retirement.
  6. by   jkdcgill03
    Tinker and MTT...I have been blasting away at the pre reqs for about two years now. I think that the NECP program is the best way to go. Sure you don't get that initial bonus like new grads coming in but look at the student loans. I have been in for 6 years enlisted (SSgt) type. I have wanted to become a nurse since high school but as life goes, I was unable to financially. I have everything done except the 90 day prior to board PT test. MTT, I am wondering if it is possible to get you deployment curtailed by 2 months in order to attend school. The most they can say is no, right? It is definitely worth asking. Tinker, I am not all that sure how the HSPS works, I haven't looked into that much. I wish the best of luck to both of you whether it be NECP/AECP/or HSPS. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get selected.
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    Jkdcgill03- Did you get your NECP package in for the May 10 board. I am also applying to NECP as well as AECP. I'm crossing my fingers and good luck to both of us.
  8. by   jkdcgill03
    2012rn2b----My application is down at AFPC. I didn't put in for the AECP. If I don't get accepted for the NECP then I will put in for both next year. Have you been in the USAF for a while? I have been in for almost 7 years (SSgt) type. The board meets next tues-thurs (MAY 11-13). The results should take about 3-4 weeks. Where are you trying to go to school? IF accept to NECP, I will be going to UMSL in Missouri.....And definitely, GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH US!!!!
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    Are you at Scott? I will also be going to UMSL if I get accepted to either of the programs. I will hit 16 years on 1 Jun (MSgt) type. I've been overseas for the last 3 years so I ended up applying much later than I planned. I am so nervous after all this time finally, I'm almost there. It's exciting and a little scary and overwhelming all at the same time. I am estatic to finally come across a fellow AMN that will be attending UMSL. I've been all over this board and your the first AD going to UMSL.

    In past years they have released the NECP board results between pthe 8th and 13th of Jun.
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    Believe it or not, I found a guy who is attending UMSL thru the NECP program right now.....he graduates in May.....have you done all of the required stuff for UMSL like the background check, immunization record, the CPR class for health care providers???? I am in the May 20th class for the BLS for HCP up at the hospital + it's good for 2 years......did you have you interview with the Chief Nurse??
  11. by   2012RN2b
    I've done everything but the TB test, titer shots, and physical. i took the BLS class over at the hospital in Mar. I should have waited until May to take it so I wouldn't have to do it again before I graduate but this way it will be good two years past graduation. I did my CN interview back in Feb. I Did it w/ the Col at the hosp he was really great.

    I know 2 people at UMSL right now one graduates this May as well thru AECP she's giving all the info on the classes, NTP, and COT as she goes along. She's also who we have to thank for the guaranteed spaces for AD. The other person is going thru NECP but won't grad until May 2011. There may be one more from Scott joing us in the Fall at least 1 other person applied to AECP for nursing from Scott but I don't know who or if they chose UMSL.
    Although with the guaranteed spaces for AD I don't know why they wouldn't.
  12. by   2012RN2b
    I apologize for the wordy posts I'm just happy to find someone locally going through the same thing I am.
  13. by   jkdcgill03
    I have been searching for anything that had to do with NECP for quite some time now. I know of one girl up at HQs who applied for the NECP this year. I hope nothing but the best for all of us. The wordy the messages, the better. I am going to be on leave the whole month of June so I hope someone gives me a call with either good or bad news.