Anyone here previously enlisted who were picked up for the Navy Nurse Corp?

  1. My husband is currently going through the process of submitting an application for commissioning through STA-21. Anyone here been through the process first hand? Very few people have insights on his ship about the Nurse Corp. I understand that he has to be accepted to an NROTC college, but does he need to have already been accepted to the nursing program or not? He has almost a full year of GE under his belt, does this matter? Anyone who's been through this process I would appreciate if you PM me, for clarification! There is so much information under OPNAV 1420 it's just enough to be confusing! Thanks in advance:spin:
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  3. by   DanznRN

    Regardless of what he currently does, his career counselor should be able to get him all the info he needs. If that is a deadend, I suggest he go to Balboa and touch base with anyone there. I'm ER/ Trauma, worked at Balboa in the late 90s, I'm sure there are people there that will at least point him to someone with the information he needs. I have not had a alot of personal experience with the Sta-21 program so I can't help much. I can answer any Navy Nurse Corps questions you may have though.

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  4. by   scwhit84
    I am in the same situation. I was put in contact with a nursing advisor at the college I want to attend. He said there are always a few spots reserves for sta-21 and MECP candidates. So I would not be competing with all of the other applicants for admissio. The nursing advisor also said he could write tentative early acceptance letters to the BSN program that could be submitted with the sta-21 package. Call you nursing admissions office and ask to speak to someone about Sta-21. If there is an NROTC program there should be a nursing rep you can help you.