Air Force made me mad!!!

  1. The Air Force told me that I could ship out on 04/20/04 for 4n031 (Medic) Training. They knew that I was scheduled to go to LVN school on 04/05/04. I kept asking if I needed to call the school and let them know. They kept saying no..not yet ..let us work out the details. I am supposed to start LVN school on Monday. My recruiter called and I told him that I was talking to the school. He got mad at me and asked why did I not do it before. I said because you kept telling me to wait. I told him that I could not wait until it is the day before I am supposed to be at school and tell them I am not coming. He got mad and said I set all this stuff up for you. Truth is I am not getting half the stuff he said that I would get anyway. He is the one who kept saying wait. If I am locked into my loans ..I am going to LVN school. I am going to get what I paid for. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I am not officially in the Air Force.
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  3. by   Kora0880
    Sometimes it seems the whole process is more frustrating than it should be. I am sorry to hear you are having such difficulties and yeah, they seem to be "too layed back" at times, that's the impression I got too. And that leads to many misunderstandings and potential problems. Since you're not "in" officially yet I would honestly talk to him, and if that does not help change a recruiter (there must be someone out there who is more serious and dependable) or try another branch.

    Good luck
    Go Navy
  4. by   TrinaRoschelle
    He was outside my house beating on the door and yelling my name for about 10 minutes and then he went and sat in his car and honked for an additional 5 minutes. When I called him later he told me that he was frustrated because he thought that I was going to LVN school and I was not going to go to the Air Force. :uhoh21:
  5. by   Kora0880
    He does not seem professional at all, and. . . desperate? Find someone you could trust, after all it's a big com###ment and a big life decision.
  6. by   TrinaRoschelle
    Yea.. after his little episode my boyfriend does not want him coming over here. I am not sure what to think of him now, but I do not want to talk to him after that. He always questioning me about where I have been. "I left a message on your machine. Did you get it? Where were you? Why didn't you call back? Why didn't you call me on my cell phone?" It is really weird:uhoh21:
  7. by   Cherish
    DO NOT GO IN WITH THAT RECRUITER! I am an Army Veteran. You can back out at any give time as long as you aren't in basic (as in stepped your foot at reception or basic). Even if you signed a contract you can back out of it! (I did my first enlistment I signed a contract decided not to go and backed out then signed another). Tell the recruiter that right now you are obligated to the school and will have to join the airforce at a later date, THE MILITARY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO ACCEPT YOU AS LONG AS YOUR IN AGE REQUIREMENT(trust me there desperate). Either get a new recruiter or just start school. Ask yourself do you really want to join the military with that type of representation or go to school. Only you know the answer. If you have ANY doubt don't do it!
  8. by   Cherish
    Oh yea forgot to add. HAVE EVERYTHING IN WRITING. If they promise you something and it is verbal, that doesn't mean anything trust me. If its not in writing then its not a contractual agreement. If it is in writing and later on something happens where they say they won't do anything, you can back out because you have it in contract. If you do join the military keep every single document/contract they give you. I do and have, and I wasn't one of those military people who got jipped. I made sure I investigated and investigated again. If I was you and my recruiter talk to me like that I would get another one immediately (there a dime a dozen, and in different branches if you don't find something that fits).
  9. by   TrinaRoschelle
    Thank you so much for your advice. I went to the school today I got fitted for my uniform. I felt really good about that. I had called the Navy to talk about opportunites since they would allow me to go to school without a big hassle, but they stated that he had checked out my medical record and they could not get it . He would have to return it before they could do anything with me. They said that recruiters normally do that when they want to make sure that you will join with them.
  10. by   TrinaRoschelle
    I am just so blown away. He came over after he said that he was not coming and then got mad at me for not answering. I am afraid he might just pop up again. He was pretty pissed off at me for not answering my door even though I told him that I was in shower.
  11. by   heatherbless
    Quote from TrinaRoschelle
    I am just so blown away. He came over after he said that he was not coming and then got mad at me for not answering. I am afraid he might just pop up again. He was pretty pissed off at me for not answering my door even though I told him that I was in shower.
    call and ask for the battalion commander of that recruiting division and report him. Threaten him and tell him you will report him for sexual harassment and he will run like the devil!! It sounds like he is harassing you--protect your rights and tell him to get lost!. Get you RN and then down the road go in as an officer. Life is much better then.

    best, hty/
  12. by   TrinaRoschelle
    What is the major Difference in going as a officer?
  13. by   MikeinSD
    20 years in the Navy. Four in recruiting. This guy is very unprofessional. Try another recruiter or another branch of service. The Army has an LVN program or join the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and get out in four years and have them pay for your RN. Them go back in as an officer. Good luck...
  14. by   MikeinSD
    You'll need a BSN to an officer. To get in the Navy or any other branch.