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    So, I've googled and googled and I'm about at my wits' end. LOL A little background: E-5 25R currently working on the basic pre-reqs for nursing school. I already have my security clearance as it's required for my MOS. I'm extremely intrested in the AECP but looking for a school is giving me a headache. Some schools don't seem to require too many classes but some other schools are just insane. I understand it's nursing school but good lord, it's working TOWARDS a BSN, and it feels like they want me to already have a Bachelors just to get into the school itself.

    Any suggestions of some good schools that work well with this program? Hoping to stay in the South/South East. Also, I'm doing my pre-reqs online through e-armyu if that helps at all.

    Thanks to any help!
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  3. by   GreyWolf
    Schools that worked well with the ACEP program is any program that lets the student come in with all of their prerequisites and finish their degree in 24 months. Schools that fit this billing are: the University of Kansas, University of Maryland at Baltimore, John Hopkins, University of Nebraska medical school UNMC -with the Scottsbluff branch being easier to get into, Salisbury University, MD and Austin Peay in TN which is right outside of Ft Campbell. There are many schools out there that will fit the bill. I found many schools that fit the requirements and applied to multiple schools with good results. Now is the time to start researching schools so that you can meet their registration deadlines. Also by looking at each school’s sites you will know where you stand in preparing your ACEP packet. Just make sure that the schools know that you are applying for 2011 school year and not the 2010 school year if your packet goes in this year. I found it easier to get accepted into the current year’s program and then talk with the nursing department at my school of choice to defer one year until the program lets you start school. Many schools are understanding and have knowledge of the Military’s Nursing programs. For the payment for your school once accepted into ACEP does not start until Oct 1. Any questions about the program itself can be emailed to SFC Florey the POC on the ACEP packet application. Best of luck in getting your packet in and accepted.
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    Old Dominion in Virginia is very military friendly.