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Hi All~ There was a thread for last year's NECP applicants but I thought I would start one for 2011. Anyone out there applying to the Air Force's AY 2011 Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program? We... Read More

  1. by   kynchanted
    Hi kwolfe01! I was a dental lab tech for 13 years before I was accepted to nursing school and NECP, so no, you don't need medical experience. The most I had was that I was a SABC and CPR instructor, and while I worked in the dental clinic, I worked in the lab, so I didn't work with patients at all. To get accepted into school, you need to have a good GPA and have the prereqs completed. Military-friendly schools are the one that I go to (Univ. of MD, Baltimore) and University of Central Florida. While they are willing to work with you being military, you still have to meet their admission requirements (for example, my school requires you to take an entrance exam called the TEAS, and you have to do well on it). The main thing is to get/keep your GPA up and get the classes done that you need to apply. That's keeping it pretty simple, so if you have more questions please don't hesitate to ask. We also have a FB page (look for USAF NECP) where you will find tons of NECP hopefuls as well as people who are either in the program or who have graduated from it. It is super helpful and is checked more often than this page so you get answers quicker. But again, don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions, and good luck when you do apply!

    Forgot to add that there are many other schools besides the ones I mentioned, those are just from my experiences. I could tell you where to stay away from too but I won't publicly.... :I
  2. by   briannamurph
    Hi, once you've made it through the course of the NECP how will they determine where to place you. For instance would you go strait to working in a hospital ER/ICU or how could you get to work in the other departments? My ultimate goal is to be a dermatologist. I figured I could go the route of the NECP, then the PA program, and contunue studying in that specialized field so I could eventually be an MD. When I go to the clinic I see Lieutenants and Captains working in that department and would like to know how I could get there. Does anyone have any advise?
  3. by   kynchanted
    Hi briannamurph! When you are going into your last semester of nursing school, you will get an email from AFPC asking for your base preferences and your nursing track of choice. The choices for new grads are either medical-surgical (medsurg) or obstetrics nursing. Those are the only options I have ever seen offered and from what I hear you have to work in these areas for at least one year before you can move onto the ED/ER or other areas of nursing. Your plan sounds good, but I have also heard that the AF doesn't like people to use NECP as a stepping stone for other careers, meaning they want you to stay a nurse, so I wouldn't necessarily let others know your plan to become a dermatologist, simply because a lot of money is invested into each NECP applicant and the program is to make nurses for the AF (the same holds true for the PA program - they want to keep their PAs as PAs). Those are just a few limited opinions that I have heard on the programs and "crossing over" from one to another. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   briannamurph
    Kynchanted, thanks for the advise I'll certainly remember that. It would be something down the line I'd like to achieve but that's also really kool you could go into obstetrics! I think that would be really interesting. How are are you into/past the program?
  5. by   kynchanted
    Yeah OB is what I put in for...I love it (should be finding out soon if I got it and where I am going after I graduate). I am starting my final semester next week...I go to Univ of MD Baltimore (now called UM, Founding Campus) and I graduate in May. I was a 2010 and 2011 NECP select (in 2010 I was waitlisted at the schools I applied to so I had to decline my NECP seat, hence the re-application in 2011). How far are you into the application process?
  6. by   briannamurph
    Oh I just heard about the program so after I test for Staff this year I'm going to finish up my college credits and apply. I think it's a really awesome program and am so excited! Do you have any tips for making yourself more competitive? I was going to get the credits through UMUC or AMU and apply, but I don't know what other kinds of things they look for.
  7. by   briannamurph
    Also did you have to pick a college within the state where you were currently stationed while applying or does it not matter?
  8. by   kynchanted
    Hi! As for tips on the whole process, the most important thing (as far as nursing school goes) is getting into a nursing program. Sounds obvious, but if you get selected for NECP but are waitlisted at a school or end up with no school to go to, you can't do NECP (that happened to me in 2010 the first time I applied). My advice to prevent that is apply to multiple schools (my experience is that you are more likely to be accepted to schools that require more for their application process (e.g. taking the TEAS, letters of recommendation, resumes) because they look more at the whole person, unless you have a really high GPA that you can get into school alone on (I was waitlisted at schools that look simply at GPA with a 3.70). Which brings me to my other tip: get your GPA as high as possible. For NECP it won't matter as much but it does for school applications. To clarify, GPA is important for NECP, but I have seen people get accepted to the program with GPAs from the low 3's to a 4.0.

    As for the NECP application, let your leadership know you are interested in applying and get the word out there. I would tell anyone who would listen what my plan was so they could put in a word for me wherever/whenever it came up. When it comes to writing your letter of recommendation I prefer to write my own and then route it up the chain for editing as those signing off on it see fit. My leadership really appreciated that, and who else is better to be your cheerleader and know all of your accomplishments than yourself?

    I really can't think of any other tips besides the obvious (good EPRs, pass PT tests, etc.), and every applicant has a different experience with the program; these are just my experiences. We also have a Facebook group if you are on FB...look for USAF NECP. There are NECPers from 2010, 2011, 2012 and hopefuls for next year. There is a TON of info on the site (actually this site gave birth to that one, LOL, so I don't think hardly anyone ever comes to this page anymore).

    As for colleges, you can apply anywhere that is under $15K year in any state as long as the school has an AF ROTC Detachment or a cross-town agreement with a school that has one. School also has to be AACN/CCNE accredited. Check out this page if you haven't before U.S. Air Force ROTC - College Scholarships and Careers - College Locator - College Locator to see which schools fit this. Most schools will give in-state tuition to you if you are AD mil stationed there (private schools don't have to I don't think, though). You don't have to apply where you currently live, but if you are mil to mil you are taking a chance of being separated from your spouse while in school if you choose to PCS to another location (that's the situation I am in right now - hubby is in LA and I am in MD).

    Let me know if I confused you at all or if you have any other questions and if you have FB I would definitely check out our page!
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  9. by   jbalcnyc26

    I really appreciate what your doing here, reaching out to other airman that are interested in the NECP. I'm currently a 4N03 A1C. I am currently my first duty station which is Keesler, MS and 20 years old. I'm currently working on my CDCs and really want to commission. I currently hold an AA in general studies and would like to become a nurse. I'very interested and want to learn more about this program, I have read a couple of posts here and asked questions but was wondering if there was a checklist of something or a paper document that I can reach to guide me along the process prior to enrolling and how to search for universities. My hometown is raleigh, nc. The university I went was NCSU and Wake tech community college. Would I have to apply to universities near Keesler? Or near my hometown Raleigh , NC? would I have to move out of the dorms if I get accepted to the NECP since I would be getting paid as an E-5? Feel free to reply here or my email : jbalcnyc26@Hotmail.com