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Got turned down, keep applying?


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Hi all:

I need some advice

Here is the deal

I am a new-grad RN, I work in a major metropolitan hospital system currently as a NA

I recently had an interview with the director of nursing at a psych hospital and was not selected for the job (this hospital is in the network of hospitals that I work for)

I still really want to work at this hospital (which is part of the hospital system that I currently work at) but I don't know if I should keep applying, or if it is a waist of time.

I have an HR contact but she hardly ever gets back to me.

I just want to know if all hope is lost (since it was the big cheese that I interviewed with) or if I should keep trying to get a job at this hospital.

Any advice would be appreciated

adreamdeferred, ADN, MSN, RN, APRN, NP

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I would keep applying. Maybe she just didn't think you would be a good fit for that department. It takes a certain personality and skill set to work in psyche so don't count yourself out just yet. I would keep trying and working hard and someone will notice. I find that getting along with co-workers and having a reputation as a team player really helps when trying to apply internally.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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Keep applying. In the meantime, bolster your psych knowledge with some CEUs, journals and studying, so that knowledge comes across in the interview. See if there is someone on the unit that you can network with so they can keep you in the loop. Consider joining the APNA as that will offer networking opportunities as well as show that you have a real interest in the specialty.


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Keep applying with that hospital but you should also apply elsewhere. Don't stagnate yourself jobwise. Even if you have to apply to work for the state (not knocking it. That's where I started it), it'll still give you experience and a pay check in the mean time, in addition to the above advices.


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Apply everywhere. And follow all the above suggestions. Try to also go to conferences. Anything to keep learning about the field. Someone will let you in. You just need that first job!! Best wishes!!